Lobbying at the Liquor Store with Lucky

I was sitting in the car today while my girlfriend went into the liquor store when who should pull up beside me but Lucky Lamons. Normally, I wouldn’t be so quick to recognize a member of the Oklahoma state legislature, but this is a figure who used to be featured quite often on the evening news back when he was a cop.

So while I sat in the car, I thought of all the things I could say to him. I could ask him about why House Joint Resolution 1003 was allowed to pass. That’s the one that declares Oklahoma as a sovereign state. I wasn’t sure offhand if this guy was a democrat or a republican, but somehow I felt like he was on our side or could, at least, be persuaded. Still, I figured he probably voted for it since the final vote was something like 83-13.

And I thought about how I could ask him why that bill by Ryan Kiesel was allowed to die in committee, the one that would fund a couple of scholarships for students who wanted to study geriatric medicine and commit to serving in rural areas.

But it was a Saturday. And there was a cold wind blowing. And I was only 95% sure it was him. But then, as he was stowing his beer and liquor into the hatch of his SUV, I glanced over at his car and saw a sticker that looked quite official. So I knew. This was a person who was a member of the Oklahoma Legislature.

I had to say something. I couldn’t pass up such a golden opportunity. As Lucky Lamons came around to the drivers seat, I rolled down my window and said. ” Hey , that Sally Kern is really insane, isn’t she?”

Lucky didn’t miss a beat. “Oh, Yeah, she’s insane. She’s a real nut”.

It was a great. I gave him the thumbs up and told him to keep up the good work. Later, I looked up the fact that he is a democrat and also a member of the NRA. And yes, he voted for the Oklahoma sovereignty bill.

But hey, I think he knows that I think that Sally Kern is insane. And I think that he thinks that, too.


One response to “Lobbying at the Liquor Store with Lucky

  1. What a cute anecdote!

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