Maybe I Should Start Watching Soap Operas

I don’ like soap operas. I never have and I never will. But one has to admit, they are certainly getting interesting these days. Awhile ago Luke and Noah engaged in a hot gay kiss on “As the World Turns”:

And now we have a lesbian wedding on “All My Children”. I’ve chosen the shortest scene I could find which involves a heterosexual relative making a rather bitchy toast to the happy couple post-ceremony. Sisters will be sisters.

But I wonder what the actual soap-viewing public thinks of these storylines. So I did a blog search and really didn’t find much. The people who were disgusted with Reese and Bianca were disgusted with all the sex and adultery found in the soaps. Some people, particularly lesbians and LGBT-friendly folk, found the story to be poorly written. And most people seem to think that whats-her-face is bisexual and has ulterior motives so it isn’t even a true lesbian romance.

I don’t care one way or the other. I just think it’s good to see people talking about this sort of thing.


One response to “Maybe I Should Start Watching Soap Operas

  1. Hey – I cover soap operas for and you raised some great points. The lesbian wedding could have played out better on All My Children, but they of course had to throw in the traditional soaps wrinkle unfortunately.

    It definitely did get people talking and as you pointed out, that’s a good thing!

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