Yes, I Can

I have been very busy lately, but I don’t really feel like talking about what I’ve been up to. Still, I feel a need to post something, and I found these great Can videos on You Tube. So this is a taste of what I’ve been listening to.

First, a nice video collage by Kunkmonk of one of my favorite Can songs ever, “Don’t Turn on the Light, Leave Me Alone”.

Then, from the same album “Soundtracks”, comes this gem circa 1970 of the band in concert doing “Deadlock”. This is a real trip. Thanks, jenshalen.

Finally, this isn’t much of a video, but it is my current favorite song: “Yoo Doo Right”. I think the singer on this is Mike Mooney. The song actually goes on for 20 minutes but this is just a 10 minute segment. Better than nothing, I suppose. I’m betting Joy Division’s guitarist must have been familiar with this. What doo yoo think?


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