Ten Million Kids

In a recent email from National Organization for Marriage, I was told a about a “lively, true and moving” video posted on YouTube in support of prop 8. But when I watched it, I found it was none of these things. In fact, I found it quite offensive. Imagine that. I left a text comment, but it wasn’t posted. There are now some 95 comments, all saying what a great video it is, but none of the many comments I have left has appeared. I wonder what snapshot6516 is afraid of. Dissent?

Well, I was so disturbed by this video that I spent all afternoon making my own video. I have never made a video before and don’t even own a video camera, so it was a bit of a challenge. But I have to say that I think my video is by far superior. And my video is a lot lighter on the propaganda, because the pictures speak for themselves.

Here are the two videos. First is “The Best Gift”, a shameless piece of crap designed to appeal to the herd instinct and making claims that are entirely unsubstantiated. Then there is my video, “Ten Million”, a shameless piece of crap in its own way, but at least an honest piece of crap that poses a question rather than demand that you accept what it is saying.

Feel free to go to YouTube and rate these videos as you see fit. But remember, even if gay marriage is banned in California, it is only a matter of time until it becomes the law of the land. I am reminded of the phrase by Thomas Kuhn: “Science advances one funeral at a time”. It is the same with the legislation of morality. The older generation dies off, and a new, more accepting generation appears. That generation is being raised right now, by gay parents all over the world. It is only a matter of time before these millions of kids and their friends and acquaintances grow up and vote for equality for all.


One response to “Ten Million Kids

  1. Heya Myra,
    I really like your video and am super impressed that you taught yourself how to make videos. I would like to learn but am apparently too technically inept. I like your blog a lot 🙂

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