Gay Marriage Haters are Illogical

Recently, I tried to send an email to National Organization for Marriage to tell them how much I disagreed with their viewpoint. Perhaps, I have too much time on my hands. At any rate, it wasn’t actually an email. I ended up signing up for their email newsletter. Now every time they publish a hateful piece, they tell me about it and ask me for money.

Today I received an email pointing me towards a post called “Prop 8 Supporter Attacked for Distributing Yard Signs!” For some reason the hyperlink isn’t working, but you can cut and paste this into your browser to see the story that was posted on October 13th at Market Watch which is part of the Wall Street Journal:

The story describes an incident in which a man was punched in the face just as he was preparing to distribute yard signs supporting Proposition 8. There was only one puncher and one punchee. Yet the writer reached this conclusion:

According to the Yes on 8 campaign, the attack shows that their opponents are not as tolerant and open-minded as they would like voters to believe.

One anecdote does not reflect on a whole group. That is, in fact, the thinking-pattern of a bigot. I can’t count the number of times that I have been called names, spat upon and yes, even threatened, just for being a gay woman walking down the street. Certainly more than once.

I sent the sender of the email, Brian S. Brown, my own email which I am now making available online, because I think it came out rather well.

Dear Mr. Brown,

I read the report about a prop. 8 supporter being violently attacked. That is truly terrible. I feel, however, that most people that are against prop. 8 are tolerant and do not condone violence. I don’t understand how you can use a single, anecdotal incident to say that the anti-prop. 8 movement is intolerant. That is not logical.

It seems to me that you are the one that is trying to stir up hate with this report. Hatred begats hatred. Perhaps if the prop. 8 supporters didn’t descend en masse on neighborhoods like a small, righteous army attacking with leaflets, the climate of hatred that you are fostering would go away. Then perhaps you could turn your money and attention to more pressing problems such as the number of homeless, hungry, and unisured people in this country. I believe that is what Jesus would do.


You can send him an email, too. But even if he bothers to read them, somehow I don’t think he’ll get it.

Brian S. Brown
Executive Director
National Organization for Marriage California
1530 East First Street, #218
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Toll-Free: (888)-201-8929


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