Nazi Dinosaurs, Anyone?

I came across the strangest thing while browsing dinosaurs on Wikipedia the other day. I was quite sure that it was a hoax, but apparently it isn’t.

It appears that DC published a comic book back in the nineties called Major Bummer and the 5th issue featured a supervillain called Tyrannosaurus Reich. Per the wikipedia article: “T. Reich was pulled to earth through a dimensional portal from a dimension of Nazi dinosaurs. He briefly wreaks havoc in the downtown before being driven back to his home dimension by a housecat which changes sizes when agitated.” He even speaks German, although it is not grammatically correct.

Please do not confuse T. Reich with T. Rex. I want to make it clear that Marc Bolan was not a Nazi Dinosaur. He was a singer/guitarist for the British rockband “T. Rex”.


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